Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mother's Grandmother's Caregiver's Day Competition..

Welcome back to Term 2 everyone.

The first competition for this term lead into Mother's Day .. just write and tell me in no more than 50 words why you Mum or Grandma or Nanny or Caregiver deserves to win a lovely book for Mother's Day.

Write your entry here and remember to add you name and your whanau form class.


dylan said...

that's the 50 word speech for mother's day book : ) thank's for listening.

dylan said...

my whanau class is gdk 9r d5 dylan eelco pierik

2st3pn_ma'ami said...

my mum deserves this prize because she's caring, non-judgemental,smart,loyal and an awesome mum.When ever it's my birthday or christmas she's always waiting there with an awesome present, now for mothers day i want to do the same for her with an awesome mothers-day present.

Judith anne Langford
Whanau class:mrs gordon's RRG
red house

Mrs C said...

Sorry Dylan I accidentally deleted your comment! CAn you repost it!!!!


Mrs C said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

My mum is great because she cares about our learning, makes sure we do our homework, helps us with our english and tells us to read if we're bored instead of tv.She makes sure everything is fair so we dont feel left out.I want to give her an awesome mothers day for being my mum.

Erin Evans
Whanau class:RKM

Mrs C said...

Thanks also to the 10+ of you that left comments at the office or in my pigeon hole.

Judith and Dylan were the winners.

There'll be another competition coming up soon....

dylan said...

u mean my mothers day speech is gone? did u read it?

dylan said...

excuse me when do the books come? coz i was absent on friday?

Mrs C said...

Dylan you were meant to get the prize on Friday - but you were away - you will need to get it on Monday.
Mrs C.

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