Sunday, May 24, 2009

10pm Question - Kate de Goldi and Tommorow Code - Brian Faulkner

Kate de Goldi's winning novel 10 pm Question is a sophisticated story about an interesting group of characters. It is definitely beautifully written - but I'm not sure that it will appeal to many young teenage NZers. While Frankie, his unusual family and their world are captivating and intriguing, readers would need to have a mature sense of the world to engage with the novel. More for older readers than younger teens would be my suggestion.

My winner would have to have been Brian Falkner's The tomorrow code - a book that will definitely appeal to readers of both sexes - it is a fast paced action drama - much like many of the online games that students these days play. The end is cleverly crafted to hook the reader in to really thinking about the possibilities of creating a loop in time ....

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