Saturday, April 17, 2010

The hungry ghosts - Anne Berry

This unusual novel is set in Hong Kong during the 'hey day' of British rule and the handover to the Chinese in 1997. The 'hungry ghosts' of the title are the spirits of those who have died but do not want to move on into the next world. In this case, Alice's life is complicated by the 'hungry ghost' of a young girl murdered during the occupation of HK by Japan in WW2. The complications of this inhabitation form the basis of the novel. Other ghosts join her the course of her life, creating further issues.

The underlying themes of love and the lack of create a group of characters at times have few, if any redeeming features.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Alison

I got a copy of this at Christmas-in my Christmas stocking. I have started reading it but have got distracted into Wolf Hall - excellent book - lend to me by a fellow book lover (!)

I ws interested in Hungry Ghosts because I used to live there - opened up some forgotten memories -all good.


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