Monday, May 3, 2010

Exposure - Mal Peet

Great idea, great story. Following in the footsteps of Shakespeare, Peet takes the story of Othello and reworks it (with interesting changes) into a modern day setting.

Otelo is a South America's football superstar, Desmerelda is a his pop idol bride (not unlike the Beckham's). Peet retains the original racial contrasts. Desmerelda's father 'owns' Otelo's new club. Michael Cass is their bodyguard, Diego (Iago) is Otelo's trusted manager. Set against a backdrop of football fanaticism, streetkid poverty, exploitation and racism in modern day South America, it tells a believable story of what life can be like in the world of 'superstardom'.

I'll definitely be recommending it to senior readers.

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