Friday, September 10, 2010

Circle Of Gold (Book of Time, book 3) by Guillaume Prévost & Send Simon Savage by Stephen Measday

Time travel books seem to be very popular at the moment (maybe they have never been out of fashion!

Circle of Gold completes the Book of Time trilogy.
Sam travels time in an attempt to rescue his father who is lost
somewhere in time AND prevent the death of his mother. Until he can control the time he arrives in, he can land anywhere, anytime and in any circumstance - in the middle of a battle, or the middle of a revolution. Action packed and fast-paced.

Send Simon Savage is obviously the first in a series to come. Simon Savage has also lost his father, a scientist who discovered the ability to travel through time. Simon is recruited to by a special government agency, to travel time trouble-shooting a range of problems.

If you like a snap-shot of historical events and eras these will interest you.

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