Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blood Lines - TK Roxborogh

For some reason I did not post on the first of this trilogy (Banquo's son) written by NZ teacher and author, Tania Roxborogh. The story of Fleance's rise to the throne of Scotland is the basis of the first book in the trilogy - following on 10 years after the death of Macbeth in the original play.

Blood lines sees Scotland still divided over what type of rule and who should rule the land. Fleance is seen by some as the rightful 'blood heir' to the throne, but not by others. In order to rule well he needs to marry well - and that means wedding Rachel, the sister of the recently dead king, his friend Duncan. But threats from Norway and England as well as from within the borders of the kingdom make for difficult times. And then his fiancee disappears in an ambush.

The idea for this series of novels is a great one - what happended to Fleance after the death of Banquo and Macbeth? The plot is fast paced and action packed - almost too fast paced - as the events seem a little unbelievable at times and the style a little forced. But a great idea!

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