Friday, April 29, 2011

Kaitangata Twitch - Margaret Mahy

Very topical after the recent events in Christchurch!

Meredith's family live on a lifestyle block across the bay from Kaitangata - an island which 'punches' itself into the sky. The beauty of the landscape is about to be over run by developers who see a profit in picturesque beauty of the area.

Meredith seems to feel a deep and spiritual connection to the island - she hears voices and dreams of events that have been and that are yet to come. A series of small quakes (or twitches) seem to begin on the island - perhaps signalling the islands disapproval of its' planned future. can Meredith intervene?

An engaging story - desribed as a supernatural thriller - but also a tale of cultural misunderstandings over the value and sacredness of the land.

Suitable for good junior readers.

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