Monday, May 30, 2011

The lost tohunga - David Hair

This is the third book in this series by David Hair - not sure why I haven't posted in the first two - because they were FAB stories.

Set in modern day NZ and a parallel mythical world of Aotearoa, the main character 16 year Matiu (Mat) can cross the path between the two worlds. In this volume Mat is coming trying to come to terms with NCEA and the fact that he has special powers that need to be developed by his mystical guide Aethlyn Jones. In the previous story, The taniwha's tear, the power balance that had existed for generations had been destroyed with the death of the warlock, Purata. However now his allies are willing to do anything to gain control of Purata's power base, Te Iho.

Hair's novels have been branded with a new genre 'Maori gothic'. He has created a world where fantasy and history, technology and the spirit world co exist. This instalment little 'dark' in places and more suited to mature junior readers.

Read more about David Hair's work here

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