Saturday, March 3, 2012

The bookseller of Kabul - Anne Seierstad

Post 9/11 Norwegian journalist Seierstad lived with a bookseller and his family for three months in Kabul. As a western woman , wearing the burkha, she had access to both the male and female sections of the household and so her narrative provides a unique insight into the lives and minds of a middle class Afghani family.

She tells of the everyday concerns of the patriach of the family, Khan, but also of the day to day issues concerning the women of the household - the shame of a second wife being brought in, the drudgery of the youngest female of the household, the lack of education of both the males and female children of the household as the take on roles in the family business empire.

A fascinating read that has caused its' subject - the anonymous 'Khan' family much difficulty in their homeland. You can read more about that here - The bookseller of Kabul

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