Friday, April 20, 2012

Steel Pelicans

Des Hunt is a prolific writer of teen fiction. His latest book Steel Pelicans resonated with me as a large part of it is set in my old 'home area' of Pukekohe, Tuakau and Port Waikato!

Pelly, the main character, is a kiwi who has lived in Australia for most of his life. His best friend Dean, loves making fireworks and explosions - often getting them both into trouble. After Pelly's dad takes a job back in NZ Pelly finds it difficult adjusting to life as a day boy at the local boarding school - where bullying is a serious issue.

Pelly and his new friend Afi, stumble across a smuggling ring at the local beach spot 'the Port'. Dean's arrival for the school holidays, adds to the chaos and excitement and

Des Hunt's books always features aspects of the NZ landscape and environment. You can read more about Des and his writing here Des Hunt

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